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PCB Design

We offer a full range of PCB design services, starting from the initial idea and taking it all the way through design, development, and implementation.

Components Library Management

We provide customized components upon request, providing 3D step files for each part. This enhances the efficiency of PCB placement and simplifies the mechanical assembly process.


PCB Layout

With over two decades of experience in editing PCB layouts of various types and sizes, we are well-equipped to provide you with the finest, top-quality, and swiftest service available.

PCB Production & Assembly

We provide cost-effective production services for various PCB types, including flexible and rigid-flex PCBs, along with assembly services, ensuring fast delivery and exceptional quality.


Why Choose MIDAS-PCB for Your Business Solutions?

Our PCB services are carefully customized to meet your needs and ensure client satisfaction.
With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated team specializes in diverse circuit types, including RF, high-frequency circuits, power supply, RIGID-FLEX, and more.
We provide 24/7 consulting to guide and support you.
At MIDAS-PCB, we aim to save you time and costs, from streamlining production lead times to accelerating your time-to-market.
Join us in pursuing excellence At MIDAS-PCB, our goal is to save you time and money, from optimizing production lead times to accelerating your time-to-market.
Join us in our commitment to excellence.


Our primary objective revolves around unwaveringly delivering the pinnacle of quality in every product we produce.


Our process boasts exceptional speed while upholding the quality and performance of electrical circuit design.


Every stage in our process is executed collaboratively with our valued customers, ensuring a seamless and productive journey.


We offer comprehensive support at every stage, spanning from the initial design phase to post-production.

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