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component 3D

Library Building

We build components by request including 3D step files for each part. This makes the PCB placement more effective, and the mechanical stage much easier.


PCB Layout

We have over 15 years’ experience in editing layout PCB’s of all types and sizes, allowing us to give you the best, highest quality and fastest service.


PCB Fabrication

We can provide production services for all types of PCB including flexible and rigid-flex PCB at attractive prices with fast delivery times and great quality.

What makes MIDAS-PCB the right choice for your business needs?

Now more than ever, it is easier and more convenient to work remotely. We offer a beneficial and efficient method for remote work, so the work stages are arranged in a way the PCB services precisely tailored to your needs, the client’s requirements and of course, their satisfaction.


Our most important goal is to always deliver the optimal product.


Our process is very fast, while maintaining the quality of the electrical circuit design and its performance.

PCB Layout Brain

Good communication

Each step in the process is completed in full cooperation with our customers.


We provide full support at every stage, from the design stage to the post-production stage.

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